Leena Releases Surely Won't Survive, the third single off The Melancholy Mind Project

Surely Won’t Survive is the third release off of Leena Regan’s The Melancholy Mind Project and highlights the fear behind falling in love.

I was on a family trip in Arizona very early on in our relationship, and I received a snapchat photo from Max of him and a female friend at a party, in which she was hanging all over him. My entire body seized up in a full blackout moment: my heart dropped through my butt, my eyes would barely blink, I felt suddenly buried alive, and saline began uncontrollably dripping off my jawline. The moment I met Max, I really, truly thought that he was the one, and this turn-of-a-dime lapse in the belief that we could happen made me realize how dangerously vulnerable of a situation I had put myself in by falling madly, deeply, and wildly in love with him. I knew in this moment that I wouldn’t be able to survive the kind of pain he would cause me if he broke my heart, and it made me absolutely terrified to dive even deeper into our relationship out of the fear that the potential of that pain would to continue to grow and deepen with every passing day.

Surely Won’t Survive is now streaming on all major music platforms. You can listen and save on Spotify here.