Ghost town + Haunting,

and surely won’t survive, OUT NOW


As I am

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(Official Music Vide0)


Meet Leena:


In an age where highlight reels appear at flick of our fingertips, it’s easy to feel like everyone around us is living a perfect life. We see everyone “doing so well” that we have become unaccustomed to how to healthily navigate hardships, set-backs, and sadness. When things get real, we recede into ourselves under the impression that no one could possibly relate to, help, or understand us; snowballing feelings of shame and loneliness towards normal human experiences and emotions. The Melancholy Mind project is a 5-song journey through 2019 of cracking that glass wall in our hands that we’ve begun to hide behind. It isn’t a highlight reel. In contrast, songwriter and artist Leena Regan highlights real emotions and seasons of life that don’t make the cut to the small screen in hopes to bring awareness to the reality that we are not alone in these “un-shareable moments” of life.